Day Cleaning

Day cleaning, or cleaning during the typical work day hours, is a sensible way to save money and the environment. Often facilities like yours find that the savings are often too lucrative to pass up and that there are numerous benefits. Before you say it won’t work, let us create a customized cleaning plan that fits your specific cleaning needs.

Day cleaning provides a significant savings:

Energy savings of 10-15%
Security Services are reduced

Day Cleaning aids in keeping your facility secure:DSC_0031

Lost keys can’t happen
Secure offices can be cleaned daily
Fewer/No Alarm calls

Day Cleaning helps the environment:

Recycling Increases
Reduced paper (toilet paper & towels) NO STUBS
Reduced building carbon footprint
Other advantages:

Day cleaning reduces turnover and helps build strong lasting relationships:

Improved cleaning
Strong Tenant/Client/Cleaner relationships are developed
Improved tenant/employee satisfaction
Staff becomes integrated into building’s professional community

Day cleaning is not disruptive:

Quiet equipment – Less than 70 dBl
Carpet spots/Spills addressed as soon as observed/reported
Reduced trip hazards with battery powered equipment


Are you ready to see results, save money and help the environment? Even top executives buy in when they see the potential savings that Day Cleaning provides. Contact us about putting together a customized Day Cleaning plan for you today!