Employee Leasing


Reduce Your Cost of Doing Business…
The workers are not employees of the company in a legal sense, therefore personal injuries and worker’s compensation become the responsibility of Cavalier Services.

Reduce Your Liability…
Acting as an extension of your Human Resources staff, Cavalier Services protects your business by performing pre-employee back ground checks, hazard identification, employee safety awareness, safe practices diligence; Compliance is our passion!

Make You Look Good…
Cavalier Services provides on site training tailored to your industry needs providing you with professional and polished employees, freeing your time to attend to other management needs. Employee leasing allows you to fill absences in your existing staff with experienced workers.

Provided positions include:
• Office Coordinator
• Chief Facility Engineer
• Business Service Coordinator
• Building Maintenance
• Receptionist
• Shipping and Receiving
• Facility Project Manager
• Engineer and Support Technician
• Senior Program Coordinator
• Technicians
• Resources Logistics Technician
• Facility Technician